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PT. Pusaka Marmer Indahraya ( Pumarin ) was established in 1990, formerly it was named PD. Gunung Meyud since 1980, as one of the biggest manufacturing marble company, dealing with Indonesian Marble Stone mined from Indonesian Quarries.

PT Pumarin. has two marble quarries in Citatah Village, Padalarang West Java, namely : Meyud and Sanghyang quarries. Besides. The company also has three quarries located at South Sulawesi village : The First quarry located at Pangkep, The Second quarry located at Balochi and The Third Quarry located at Bantimala Village.

PT. Pumarin produces natural marble stones in the format of Slabs, Tiles, Steps, Risers, French Pattern, Interlock, Fireplace, and mosaic. The company has been successful insupplying its products for both domestic and export market worldwide, Crema Pacific, Monet, Multigrey, Tuscany Cream, Balochi Truffle, Balochi Oyster and Moccabama are our top main products. its products either in Our famous products are Java Cream, Tuscany Cream, Ocean blue, Multi Grey , Baloci and Moccabama are our main marble products.

PT. Pumarin utilizes a complete set of advanced processing equipment, such as block cutter machines, automatic polishing-processing lines for tiles & slabs, gangsaw machines with 80 blades & special craft machines; tumble, borders and irregular-shaped processing equipment from Italy and China. The company is dedicated to achieve its goal, to be one of the reliable worldwide marble suppliers.

The company’s head office is at Alam Sutera Serpong , Banten area ; whereas its branch office is located at Braga Street, Bandung, . PT. Pumarin excels as one of the biggest marble manufacturer in Indonesia as well as known as the leading marble stone Indonesian supplier, project contractor and worldwide marble stone exporter.

PT. Pumarin specializes in providing high quality materials, competitive price, and reliable service. Our large inventory, prompt response, and customer satisfaction are what set us apart from others in the stone industry. PT. Pumarin has ample buffer stocks of blocks, Tiles and Slabs, and more which are efficiently tracked in our state-of-the-art computer inventory system.

PT. Pumarin supported with many years of experience, works together with architects, designers and builders to advise on stone products and stone finishes for domestic market projects as well as overseas market projects.



In order to produce high quality Marble Slab and Tiles effectively, PT. Pumarin has only utilized the latest technology available in the field of natural stone production.


PT. Pumarin is known as one of the reliable marble producer in Indonesia. In order to maintain this existence, the factory must produce the best quality products.


PT. Pumarin is continuously Participating in Natural Stone Project Bidding. The company offers different services, depends on the client’s need.


Based in Bandung, Pumarin excels as a marble quarry owner in Indonesia. It is also one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of marble from Indonesia.



Pumarin invested 2 quarries in West Java and 3 quarries in South Sulawesi  The first quarry in Citatah is 20 Ha with annual output around 240.000sqm, and the second quarry is 50 Ha with annual output around 300.000sqm


















Head Office :
Ruko Imperial Walk
Jl. Jalur Sutera 29C No. 36
Alam Sutera, Tangerang 15325
Telp : 021 - 5314 1130 (Hunting)
Fax : 021 - 5314 1407
email : daniel@pumarin.co.id


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