In order to produce high quality Marble Slab and Tiles effectively, PT. Pumarin has only utilized the latest technology available in the field of natural stone production. It has invested modern advanced equipments and machines such as BM DRAGON Gangsaw Machines , PEDRINI Block Cutters, BRETON and SIMEX Polishing Machines, high standard quality Chinese Bridge Cutters

Further more. the factory is well equipped with the total control system and high technology production machines, which will assure the best efficiency and precision. To achieve the satisfaction for every customer’s need, whether it is standard product or custom made are the factory’s goal. Every step of the process will always be monitored and controlled precisely by our experienced and reliable expert, to maximize and to guarantee the best quality we could achieve, such as aspects of color, variation, and character of the marble.

At quality control department, the factory strictly complies with the international standard for production and inspection process ; as well. awareness of customer’s satisfaction, The factory keeps on focusing on achieving its goal, to be one of the reliable worldwide marble suppliers The followings are the production steps in producing high quality standard marble slabs and tiles:

PT. Pumarin is known as one of the reliable marble producer in Indonesia. In order to maintain this existence, the factory must produce the best quality products, the whole production process needs to be approached with patience, precision. dedication and professionalism

Through its’ dedication and primary material selection, the company wants to o turn each piece of raw material into a natural marble stone product that will remain as an investment with the feeling of elegance and style for years.

The whole process can be broken down in to the following stages:

• Mining
• Primary Selection
• Cutting
• Polishing
• Squaring
• Sorting Process ( QC)
• Packaging
• Waste Management System

Marble Block is taken from the rock beds in large blocks before being cut into more manageable sizes which are then transported to the factories.

Once the blocks arrive at the factories they are sorted into the color that they are expected to be produced. This is only the first step of determining the colour and the quality. Marble is a natural product, one will only be able to classify the color once the final cutting and final sorting process takes place.

At first, the block is classified by the shape and the size, and then cut by a gangsaw or block cutter into slabs. The large blocks are cut into slabs or strips depending on the machinery used.. There are two ways the blocks can be cut into slabs:
• Cross Cut: The block is cut along the bedding plane.
• Vein Cut: The block is cut against the bedding so that the bedding plane is revealed, which means that the veins are exposed

The slab is calibrated in order to make the surface smooth, even and straight flat, and also to achieve the desired thickness. After then, one or both sides of the slab will be polished.

After done with the polishing process, the slab basically is ready as finished goods, but if we need them in tiles or other sizes and shapes, we then cut the slab into the desired width, length, and shape. We call this process as the Squaring Process.

The color and character of each marble tile will always vary one and another. To standardize the classification, we sort out the variation and quality into Premium Grade, Standard Grade and Semi Select Grade.

The tiles are packed into high quality wooden crates and are prepared to be shipped to their different destinations. Each crate contains a different quantity depending on the product.

The waste water from the production lines, will be collected in a waste tank prepared and periodically the residu / remenance of marble dust at the bottom of the tank will be allocated into a waste hardening process, whereas the water will be recycled to be re-used in the production.



Based in Bandung, Pumarin excels as a marble quarry owner in Indonesia. It is also one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of marble from Indonesia.


PT. Pumarin is known as one of the reliable marble producer in Indonesia. In order to maintain this existence, the factory must produce the best quality products.


PT. Pumarin is continuously Participating in Natural Stone Project Bidding. The company offers different services, depends on the client’s need.

About Us

PT. Pusaka Marmer Indahraya ( Pumarin ) was established in 1990, formerly it was named PD. Gunung Meyud since 1980, as one of the biggest manufacturing marble company.





Marble Quarry & Manufacturer
With more than twenty years of experience, our team is fully committed to serve the demand
of natural stones in all aspect of the industry. Our marble quarries in various locations ensures the continuous supply of raw materials to our factory. Our plants is fully eqquiped with complete and modern machineries, that will fulfill the high quality product requirements.



Pumarin invested 2 quarries in West Java and 3 quarries in South Sulawesi  The first quarry in Citatah is 20 Ha with annual output around 240.000sqm, and the second quarry is 50 Ha with annual output around 300.000sqm.














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